28Mar, 2020

Corona virus Impact on the IT Industry

  • By smartz
  • 28 Mar 2020
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Novel Coronavirus has been making headlines for more than two weeks now. More than 4,700 deaths have been reported worldwide, injuring people from more than 115 countries. It is clear that this epidemic will have major implications for almost all areas of human life. One of the major industries that will feel the impact of this outbreak is the education sector, which has been severely affected by the Coronavirus. According to UNESCO reports, more than 22 countries around the world have closed schools, leaving more than 290 million students without a semester. Since countries are close to schools and colleges, the Coronavirus will have a long-term effect on e-learning. Here’s a look at what this virus has spread in the e-learning industry.

Here are 4 ways how the COVID-19 is affecting the IT industry:


Most of the world’s largest technology brands rely on Chinese production.

However, because the Corona outbreak has affected this country significantly, many factories have limited operations.

Therefore, the technology industry is experiencing shipping delays. Some of them even temporarily closed their buildings and stopped producing key components for various technical devices.

According to research by the Chinese market research agency TrendForce, Coronavirus will have a major impact on technical products by 2020.

Smartphone production is expected to decrease by -10.4%.

Apple even closed its factory in China.

This is why the launch of iPhone 5 and iPhone SE2 is expected to be delayed by several months.

The company also closed all of its stores and offices outside of China until March 27.

However, her online store remains open.

Reportedly, this has caused Apple to lose billions of dollars.

The production of smart watches, laptops, smart speakers, video game consoles and televisions, among others, will be affected



To curb the epidemic, countries have banned groups and travel.

  • This has led many tech giants to cancel their conferences and other industry events around the world, including:
  • Apple’s worldwide WWDC Developer Conference, which connects millions of software developers, will now coordinate online online in June.
  • Panasonic events have been cancelled
  • Facebook F8: Facebook cancelled the developer conference due to take place in May.
  • Microsoft Build: A Microsoft conference will be held May 19-21 to help developers test the latest technologies online.
  • Adobe Summit: Adobe has cancelled its summit on products and trends that transform industries, which will go digital on March 31.
  • Dell World: Since “nothing is more important than health,” Dell announced the conference will be held online.


According to Worldometers, the current number of deaths due to coronavirus has risen to 9,285. There are currently 227,086 confirmed cases.

To prevent this virus from spreading, many companies around the world have left their home workers.

Because of government restrictions, Twitter has urged its 5,000 employees in Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea to work from home.

One of the other companies that encourages remote work during this case is Google. She has asked her 11,000 employees in Canada and the United States to do the same.

Other tech giants who followed suit were Amazon, AT&T, Apple and Microsoft.



The whole situation with the Coronavirus outbreak influences people emotionally. They not only fear being affected by this illness, but they also worry about the security of their jobs.

On March 11, Blind conducted a survey to see how many people in the US work from their homes.

They received 600 responses from employees at big tech companies and 53.8% of them claimed that they are concerned about their job security.